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3D horse tooth anatomical models

Upper molar healthy (109)

  • Large: Price 315 EUROS + vat 24%  (390.60)
  • Small:  Price 240 EUROS + vat 24% (297.60)

Occlusal surface


Occlusal surface and outside

Lower molar (407)

  • Large: Price 282 EUROS + vat 24% (349.68)  includes a stand
  • Small: Price 225 EUROS + vat 24% (279.oo)  does not include a stand

Large model with a stand

Large model inside


Upper molar caries, pulpitis (109)

  • Large: Price 315 EUROS + alv24%  (390.60)
  • Small:  Price 240 EUROS + alv 24% (297.60)

Below caries tooth inside

Caries tooth and healthy tooth

Caries tooth inside

  • Anatomical model makes easier to understand complicated structure of equine teeth.
  • Teeth can be used for teaching and client education. 
  • You can open the tooth and see the inner structure. Magnets keep the two parts together.
  • There are three models upper, lower and caries tooth.
  • There are two sizes:
  • Small (height 12cm) is better for stables and ambulatory practice.
  • Large (height 23-25cm)  can be used at the clinic.
  • Teeth are manufactured by order and the delivery time is approximately 2 months.
  • Note!  Teeth are robust, but they can get broken if you drop them on a hard surface
  • Post fees: 
  • Finland 10-15 EUR
  • Europe 35 EUR 
  • Outside Europe 75 EUR (one tooth), 110 EUR (many teeth) + custom fees according to your own country regulations

Designer: Lauri Lehtonen and Kati Tuomola

Please ask more and orders: kati.tuomola@heppalaakari.fi.