3D tooth

The anatomy of the horses' teeth complicated. Anatomical model of horse molar tooth is made to make easier to understand this complicated structure. You can open the tooth and see the inner structure. Magnets keep the two parts together.  Teeth can be used for teaching and client education. Teeth are manufactured by order and the delivery time is five weeks.  

Designer: Lauri Lehtonen and Kati Tuomola Orders: kati.tuomola@heppalaakari.fi

3 D tooth: lower molar (407) small

Size: 34 x 55 x 135 mm

Prize: 226 EUR + vat 24% (280,24)

Post: Finland 10 EUR, Europe 30 EUR, outside Europe 45 EUR

3D tooth lower molar (407) large

Large molar tooth includes the stand.

Size: 58 x 90 x 235 mm

Prize: 282 EUR+ vat 24% (349,68)

Post: Finland 10 EUR, Europe 25 EUR