Equine dentistry

What does it include?

  • Careful oral examination with mirror and mouth speculum in sedation (head stand, flushing with Hydrojet before examination).
  • Dental care, rasping
  • Written dental report and instructions.
  • Price starting from 150 euros (+ travel 0,58 eur/km)

Beak in 106

Infundibular caries

Uneaven colour

Horse its mainly with the right side, because there is painful diastema on the left. 


Abrasion from the bit

Oral tumour

Peripheral caries

Supernumerary tooth


Squamous cell carsinoma in palate

Old horse dental wear



Ulcer in outer lip commissure

Cheek tooth fracture

Sings of gasterophilus larvae

Denatal hook on 111

Cups of deciduous tooth

Old horse, senile cupping

Senile excavation, crown expiration

Ramp and ulcer


Sharp enamel point and ulcer



Infundibular hypoplasia, Grade 1

Infundibular cares, Grade 2

Infundibular caries, Grade 3

Infundibular caries, Grade 3

Infundibular caries, Grade 4

Secondary dentine defect, Grade 1

Secondary dentine defect, Grade 2

Sekundary dentine defect, Grade 3

Over 3 mm 

Normal cementum

Peripheral caries, Grade 1.1 

Peripheral caries, Grade 1,2

Peripheral caries, Grade 2

Peripheral caries, Grade 3

Infundibular caries, Grade 5

Fracture in 109

Filling in infubdibular caries

Diastema, cleaned

Peripheral caries also visible

Chronic ulcer in oral mucosa



Lateral slab fracture

Calculus in lower canine

Shear mouth

Infected tooth on the right side. Horse has eaten only with the left side of the mouth and shear mouth has developped over time. 

Fracture of mandible cheek tooth

Dental anatomy

Normal dental structure


Primary dentine

Secondary dentine


Lower cheek tooth

Upper cheek tooth

Wolf teeth

Canine tooth

  • Geldings and stallions
  • Erupt normally in 5 years of age